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Commits on Mar 3, 2015
  1. Melissa Xie
  2. Derek Prior
  3. Derek Prior


    derekprior authored
  4. Derek Prior

    Don't expose authentication methods as actions

    derekprior authored
    There were a couple of methods from the Clearance::Authentication that
    were leaking through to become routable action methods on the
    controller. We need to hide them as actions.
  5. Derek Prior

    Update to latest shoulda-matchers

    derekprior authored
    Change references to deprecated `set_the_flash` matcher.
  6. Pedro Moreira Derek Prior

    Update README to reflect changes in RSpec 3

    pedrosmmoreira authored derekprior committed
    Adding `clearance/rspec` to `spec/spec_helper.rb` in RSpec versions
    greater or equal to 3 will throw an `uninitialized constant
    Module::ActiveSupport` error, since the Rails env is not available.
    This updates the README in order to indicate the require statement
    should be placed in `spec/rails_helper.rb`.
Commits on Mar 2, 2015
  1. Melissa Xie

    Update rspec-rails version

    mxie authored
    As a result:
    * In the ActionMailer initializer for the test app, we have to refer to the
    ActionMailer object itself to configure it instead of the app config. This was
    recommended in rspec/rspec-rails#1313.
    * We had to change the setup for rack_session_spec because RSpec now checks for
    mutation of arguments passed into spies.
Commits on Jan 31, 2015
  1. Derek Prior

    Improve formatting of NEWS file

    derekprior authored
    * Follow olivierlacan/keep-a-changelog format.
    * Each release is linkable via header.
    * Each change is categorized.
    * Provide links to GitHub compares for each release.
    * Corrected some spelling.
    * Removed changes that were dev-only.
Commits on Jan 30, 2015
  1. Derek Prior

    Enable forgery protection on sessions#create

    derekprior authored
    This line has existed since 2008, and yet I can determine no
    justification for it. It seems to me that we *would* want CSRF
    protection on `session#create`.
    On its own, skipping CSRF protection in just this single action doesn't
    seem particularly useful to an attacker. Additional vectors (such as an
    overly-permissive CORS header) would have to be present to make use of
    this, but at that point far more interesting attacks would be possible
    on any cookie-based auth system.
  2. Derek Prior

    README Refresh

    derekprior authored
    I took a pass through the README file and edited for brevity,
    organization, and correctness. I eliminated the various lists of
    overrideable methods as these were out of date and not particularly
    helpful in themselves. We already point the users to the overridable
    classes. Over time I'd like to move the overriding and extending
    documentation into the yarddoc itself or into a website that has recipes
    for various behaviors people often request. For now, I've slimmed some
    of it down but left most of it.
    I also removed reference to the `deny_access` matcher as it will soon be
    removed (to another gem) and I don't suggest its use.
  3. Derek Prior

    Add documentation for configuration options

    derekprior authored
    Added Yard configuration and documentation for
    `Clearance::Configuration`. Moving forward, we will be adding
    documentation to the rest of Clearance.
Commits on Jan 23, 2015
  1. Derek Prior


    derekprior authored
  2. Derek Prior

    Update Passwords Controller Spec

    derekprior authored
    The nested `before` blocks caused a great deal of frustration when
    adding additional tests to password reset functionality. The specs were
    re-written in a style consistent with how we write specs today, taking
    care to ensure tests still fail appropriately.
Commits on Jan 22, 2015
  1. Configure remember token cookie name

    Eric Collins authored
    * Document cookie name configuration
    * Remove REMEMBER_TOKEN_COOKIE in favor of method
  2. Melissa Xie

    Decouple tests for resetting and updating passwords

    mxie authored
    These methods should be tested separately instead of nested within each other.
Commits on Jan 16, 2015
  1. Derek Prior

    Prevent redirect loops when still using `authorize`

    derekprior authored
    The `authorize` before filter is deprecated in favor of `require_login`.
    However, just switching Clearance's internal filters is not sufficient.
    We're dependent on users updating any `before_filter :authorize` calls.
    If they still have `before_filter :authorize` in their application
    controller, then they will see a deprecation on calls to authorize but
    the method will still run (it's aliased to `require_login`). This may
    cause them to be redirected to sign in. Sign in is set to
    `skip_before_filter :require_login`, but will happily still run
    authorize if instructed to by the application controller. Then you're
    stuck in a redirect loop.
    By duplicating the `skip_before_filter` calls to also skip `authorize`
    we can be sure this doesn't happen.
  2. Jessie A. Young

    Update unit test for sha1 password strategy

    jessieay authored
    * Forgot to convert in 21ed00a
Commits on Jan 14, 2015
  1. Derek Prior
Commits on Jan 13, 2015
  1. Chris Thorn

    Use dummy app for rails dependent specs

    Chris and Jessie authored thorncp committed
    * `User` was previously defined in clearance.rb, which was confusing
    * Move app_templates out of spec/support directory to avoid `User` class being
      `require`d twice
Commits on Jan 9, 2015
  1. Justin Kenyon
  2. Justin Kenyon
  3. Jessie A. Young

    Update unit tests for password strategies

    jessieay authored
    * Move specs into a more logical directory
    * Remove subject/before/let statements
    * Extract common code into scoped methods
  4. Justin Kenyon

    Redirect signed in user to url_for_signed_in_users

    kenyonj authored
    This adds a `before_filter` for `sessions#new` that will redirect signed in
    users to the same url that is configured for `url_after_create`, which, by
    default, points to `Clearance.configuration.redirect_url`.
  5. Derek Prior

    Replace Cucumber with RSpec acceptance specs

    derekprior authored
    The replacement spec does much the same as the features were doing
    before, but in a (hopefully) more maintainable manner. We generate a
    fresh rails app, install clearance, and run clearance's generated specs.
    I kept the acceptance spec in its own suite because the output of it is
    a bit odd and I wanted it separate from our usual tests. It will output
    the results of the generated specs followed by the result of the single
    acceptance spec.
Commits on Jan 8, 2015
  1. Derek Prior


    derekprior authored
  2. Derek Prior

    Stop specifying a range of copyright years

    derekprior authored
    The date of first publication seems sufficient and it prevents us from
    having to update a range of years every year.
  3. Derek Prior

    Test & Support Ruby 2.2 across Rails versions

    derekprior authored
    To get the test suite to run in under 2.2, I:
    * Upgraded Cucumber to a version that supports Ruby 2.2
    * Added 2.2.0 to our Travis Matrix (Sorry, Travis)
    * Excluded Rails 3.2 under Ruby 2.2 from appraisals as it is not
      supported by rails (yet). See: rails/rails#18306
    Once that was done, it was  discovered that Rails 4.0.x requires the
    `test-unit` gem under Ruby 2.2. Adding that gem allows the test suite to
    run there.
    With that in place, I found that the `deny_access` matcher was not
    negating as expected. This is because the test-unit gem raises a
    different error when an assertion failed. I have to catch this error in
    addition to the Minitest::Assertion error we were already catching.
  4. Derek Prior

    Deprecate `Clearance.root`

    derekprior authored
    This appears to have been a convenience method used only in a single
    generator. While the replacement is uglier it has the distinct advantage
    of not leaking into the public API of the gem.
    It's unlikely anyone is using this method externally, but I added a
    deprecation just in case. The method will be removed in 2.0.
  5. Derek Prior

    Rename `authorize` filter to `require_login`

    derekprior authored
    This name better expresses the intent of the filter and has the
    advantage of not conflicting with the `authorize` method provided by
    pundit or wading into the sometimes hairy line demarcating authorization
    from authentication.
    Clearance users should migrate from `:authorize` to `require_login` as
    the former will be removed in 2.0. Be sure to catch reference to
    `skip_before_filter :authorize` or `skip_before_action :authorize`,
    which the deprecation cannot catch.
    addresses #503, #436, and #239
Commits on Jan 7, 2015
  1. Derek Prior


    derekprior authored
  2. Arthur Nogueira Neves Derek Prior

    Don't set a blank remember token

    arthurnn authored derekprior committed
    There's no sense in setting a remember token cookie if the value of that
    cookie is nil. In fact, this causes a problem for sites that bounce
    users between HTTP and HTTPS connections for when the user is signed in
    versus signed out. Prior to this change, if Clearance's `secure_cookie`
    option was on the users remember token would be completely wiped out
    when they hit an HTTP page. Even returning to HTTPS would not restore
    the user's token. With this change in place, the HTTP response would
    simply not set a remember token cookie, but switching back to HTTPS
    would allow the client to send its previously existing cookie.
    There was an existing test for this, but it was passing incorrectly. The
    `set_cookie` matcher was not negating the way we wanted it to. On the
    test, the header values were:
    Fixes #338.
  3. Derek Prior

    Fix warnings generated by Clearance

    derekprior authored
    * Instance variables should be defined in initializers before used
    * `File.exists?` is deprecated
    This does not address the "possible reference to past scope" warnings
    introduced with Ruby 2.2.0 as it appears this warning will be removed in
    2.2.1. See
Commits on Jan 6, 2015
  1. Derek Prior

    Stop building the 2.0 branch

    derekprior authored
    This branch has been removed. 2.0 will be developed on master.
Commits on Jan 5, 2015
  1. Jeroen Visser
Commits on Dec 31, 2014
  1. Derek Prior
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