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Rails authentication with email & password.

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Simple, complete Ruby web app authentication.

We have clearance, Clarence.

Gem installation (Rails 2.1+)

In config/environments/test.rb:

config.gem ‘thoughtbot-shoulda’, :lib => ‘shoulda’, :source => “” config.gem ‘thoughtbot-factory_girl’, :lib => ‘factory_girl’, :source => “”

In config/environment.rb:

config.gem “thoughtbot-clearance”, :lib => ‘clearance’, :source => ‘’


rake gems:install rake gems:unpack


In a greenfield application, just run the generator:

script/generate clearance

This will create:

app/controllers/confirmations_controller.rb app/controllers/passwords_controller.rb app/controllers/sessions_controller.rb app/controllers/users_controller.rb app/models/user.rb app/models/user_mailer.rb app/views/confirmations/new.html.erb app/views/passwords/edit.html.erb app/views/passwords/new.html.erb app/views/sessions/new.html.erb app/views/user_mailer/change_password.html.erb app/views/user_mailer/confirmation.html.erb app/views/users/_form.html.erb app/views/users/edit.html.erb app/views/users/new.html.erb test/functional/confirmations_controller_test.rb test/functional/passwords_controller_test.rb test/functional/sessions_controller_test.rb test/functional/users_controller_test.rb test/unit/user_mailer_test.rb test/unit/user_test.rb

Add the corresponding Clearance module for any file(s) you don’t want to override. They are namespaced exactly like the directory structure of a Rails app:

app/models/user.rb already exists. include Clearance::App::Models::User


The tests use Shoulda >= 2.0.4 and Factory Girl. You should create a User Factory:

Factory.sequence :email do |n| “user#{n}” end Factory.define :user do |user| { :email } user.password “password” user.password_confirmation “password” end

In test/test_helper.rb:

class Test::Unit::TestCase self.use_transactional_fixtures = true self.use_instantiated_fixtures = false include Clearance::Test::TestHelper end


In app/controllers/application_controller.rb:

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base helper :all protect_from_forgery include Clearance::App::Controllers::ApplicationController end


Your users table needs a few columns.

create_table(:users) do |t| t.string :email t.string :crypted_password, :limit => 40 t.string :salt, :limit => 40 t.string :remember_token t.datetime :remember_token_expires_at t.boolean :confirmed, :default => false, :null => false end add_index :users, [:email, :crypted_password] add_index :users, [:id, :salt] add_index :users, :email add_index :users, :remember_token


map.resources :users map.resource :session map.resources :users, :has_one => :password map.resources :users, :has_one => :confirmation map.resources :passwords map.root :controller => ‘sessions’, :action => ‘new’


In config/environments/test.rb and config/environments/development.rb:

HOST = “localhost”

In config/environment.rb:

DO_NOT_REPLY = “” PROJECT_NAME = “my_app_name”


  • thoughtbot, inc.
  • Dan Croak
  • Jason Morrison
  • Mike Burns
  • Josh Nichols
  • Mike Breen
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