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Rails authentication with email & password.

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Clearance (Codename: Super Monban)

This is an exploration of one way forward for Clearance in its next major release. This represents a re-write of Clearance to sit atop the Monban, which in turn sits atop Warden.

The idea is that Clearance would be an opinionated Rails engine but would no longer directly concern itself with the lower levels of authentication.

Breaking Changes

If this ever sees the light of day, it will be as a new major-version release of Clearance and thus breaking changes are fair game. We will try to be discerning about the breaking changes introduced but if Clearance is better for the change, we will make it. Here is a list of breaking changes we know of so far:

  • UsersController is now SignUpsController. This change keeps Clearance routes from stepping on potentially useful application routes and also allows for changing the resource name or plurality without having an odd disconnect in routes.
  • Resourceful routes are gone. Every Clearance route will have a "vanity" route. In Clearance 1.x you could redirect to new_session_path or sign_in_path and get the same result. Now there is but one way to get to sign in: sign_in_path.
  • users#url_after_create is now sign_ups#url_after_sign_up. This is also now exposed via the url_after_sign_up configuration.
  • sessions#url_after_create is now sessions#url_after_sign_in and is also exposed via the url_after_sign_in configuration.
  • sessions#url_after_destroy is now sessions#url_after_sign_out and is also exposed via the url_after_sign_out configuration.
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