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@l3kn l3kn "[DEPRECATION] Clearance's `authorize` before_filter is deprecated. Use `require_login` instead." 7c9014b
@psoderberg psoderberg Updating ApplicationController module name to Clearance::Controller from Clearance::Authentication 2eda04e
@derekprior derekprior Updated Usage (markdown) ebdc45d
@TimPetricola TimPetricola Syntax coloring 9fd3298
@derekprior derekprior Updated Home (textile) 7f33b72
@derekprior derekprior Destroyed Clearance admin (markdown) 7c68159
@derekprior derekprior Destroyed Contribution guidelines (textile) d8d00c9
@derekprior derekprior Destroyed Installation (textile) 494cd8e
@derekprior derekprior Destroyed Invites and Clearance (textile) df0cb1c
@derekprior derekprior Destroyed Subdomains (markdown) 827f1f3
@derekprior derekprior Destroyed Rails 3 roadmap (textile) d0c3060
@derekprior derekprior Destroyed Upgrading to Rails engine (textile) 347b28c
@derekprior derekprior Destroyed Upgrading Clearance to 0.8.5 (textile) 866b4d8
@derekprior derekprior Updated Usage (markdown) c1c3713
@derekprior derekprior `request[:return_to]` removed in 1.0 053ac5b
@jesteracer jesteracer Updated Organization (textile) 19ab2d5
@croaky croaky Updated Upgrading Clearance (markdown) 714bc9b
@croaky croaky Updated Upgrading Clearance (markdown) 1942c46
@asishtripathy asishtripathy Created Clearance-admin (markdown) e1bd3f8
@croaky croaky Updated Home (textile) a56a3c8
@jacortinas jacortinas Fix a small typo. Disable was missing the "s". 6fe98dc
@gabebw gabebw Updated Usage (markdown) 30f1af4
@gabebw gabebw Updated Usage (markdown) 47ab696
@MDaubs MDaubs Point to newer gist for UsersController... the previous gist was no longer accurate. c80ef13
@marnen marnen Update on recent versions of Clearance. 795170b
@croaky croaky removing broken demo ac22b93
@croaky croaky shoulda/macros -> shoulda/testing b507b39
@mjankowski mjankowski Updated Usage (markdown) 77395d2
@gmile gmile Video's no longer available :'( e1dca63
@ramonmaruko ramonmaruko `authenticate` is a class method dde1c96
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