Detect unix os more precisely (so windows mingw environments would return false) #2

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There is a problem in self.unix? method in command_line.rb file.
The detection of unix os is not always working correctly, for example in windows mignw environment it returns true. BUT the problem is that it is still windows, and DOUBLE quotes MUST be used (or paperclip imagemagic commands stop working).

The fix is simply to use rbconfig and to look at host_os configuration value (see here:

It would be great if you'd accept the fix, and integrate it into next paperclip release (so windows users won't have to monkey patch it...).

@gabebw gabebw closed this in 73c2cb3 Aug 12, 2011
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Hi, thanks for this fix - RbConfig is definitely the way to go. In the future, please ensure that the tests all pass before submitting a pull request. Thanks again.

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