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Dear ________,

Thank you for choosing thoughtbot, inc. to help you develop your product! We are excited to work with you and your team to help your business successfully grow. In order to achieve this goal, we are kicking off the project with the 5-day Product Design Sprint, a process advertised by Google Ventures, to better understand how we can work together to create a successful product.

Before we start the design sprint, it is important to gather important research materials to save us time during the week. Please come prepared with the relevant information below!

Please identify five (5) users we can test at 30-minute-intervals during Day 5: Validation.

Please identify at least three (3) websites that are competitors/similar to your idea.

Please conduct at least three(3) customer interviews.

  • Who are the customers?
  • What are their stories?
  • How do they feel about the stated problem?

Thank you for preparing these materials. If you can, please send these materials prior to the design sprint to the designers. We look forward to working with you on ___!