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Hi _________,

We're excited to start our design sprint.

To prepare for it, it would be great to have:

(1) a list of websites similar to parts of what we want to create, as well as other websites with aspects we may wish to emulate

(2) information about each of your key customer types: who they are, their stories, and how they feel about the problem we are working to solve. If there's documentation from interviews you conducted with them, we'd love to see that too.

(3) Any existing materials you already have on hand, such as user stories, wireframes, or prototypes. No need to flesh these out more than you already have, but they'd be great background. Note that what we end up with at the end of the sprint may be different.

(4) Any other background materials you already have.

(5) For , we'll want to schedule time with users in the morning and early afternoon. 6 users for 30 minutes each would be ideal. If you identify the people you want to bring in, we'd be happy to schedule them, or you could schedule the times directly if that's easier. We'll want to finish by 2:30pm to prepare findings for a 3:30pm discussion that day that will end the Design Sprint. We'll have each participant use the prototype we built and ask them questions to get their feedback.

Please also review the Product Design Sprint section of our Playbook, as well as Google Ventures' resources about the process.

See you soon. Thanks,