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We love new ideas that push this repository and design sprints forward. We are using GitHub issues for tracking our work on the repository. Here are the ways that you can contribute:

Maintenance and Improvements

If you find a bug, misspelling or other problem with the repository please add a new issue.

If you are looking to contribute and are not sure where to start:

  1. Grab an issue from the list of issues labeled bug and assign yourself to the issue so that we know someone is working on it.
  2. Make the necessary changes.
  3. Submit a Pull Request.

New Ideas

Any new ideas or major improvements can be added to a PR so that they can be discussed and tested. We especially like new exercises that might add to Understand, Diverge and Converge.

Previous Sprints: Photos, Examples & Case studies

The more examples that we have the better it will be to spread knowledge and experience of running the sprints. These are the steps for adding examples:

  1. Add new project by duplicating the example project folder.
  2. Edit the README in that folder and add any other assets that support the explanation of the sprint such as photos, documents, prototypes or videos.
  3. Add references on the separate phases to the respective parts of the example.
  4. Submit a Pull Request.

Quick guide to submitting a Pull Request in GitHub:

  1. Fork the repository.
  2. Make your changes in a topic branch.
  3. Squash your commits into a single one (more on that here).
  4. Rebase against origin/master, push to your fork and submit a pull request.