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thoughtbot dotfiles
-* Fork this repo.
-* Clone your fork.
-* Install.
-* Track thoughtbot/dotfiles.
-* Customize in master.
-* Update.
-From your cloned directory:
+First, [fork this repo]( on Github.
+Then, clone your Github fork (replace "your-github-name" with your Github name) onto your laptop and install it:
+ git clone
+ cd dotfiles
This will create symlinks for all config files in your home directory. You can
safely run this file multiple times to update.
-Note that there is configuration for `zsh` so if you'd like to switch your shell from the default `bash` to `zsh`, on OS X you do:
+There is configuration for `zsh` so switch your shell from the default `bash` to `zsh` on OS X:
chsh -s /bin/zsh
-Track thoughtbot/dotfiles
+Why fork?
+dotfiles are fairly personal. You should be able to modify your dotfiles, and save them in version control in your fork.
+However, the thoughtbot folks are often tweaking these dotfiles and you want to be able to get those updates.
+So, your master branch is meant for your customizations and use the `upstream` branch to get thoughtbot's updates.
+Set up the upstream branch
-One time:
+You only have to do this once:
git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream

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