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Add mappings to switch windows more succinctly

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mcmire committed May 14, 2013
1 parent cb6170d commit 9a0c71eccfffe1e4ad9f7a197b69e4f683871957
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@@ -119,6 +119,12 @@ au BufRead,BufNewFile *.md setlocal textwidth=80
set splitbelow
set splitright
+" Quicker window movement
+nnoremap <C-j> <C-w>j
+nnoremap <C-k> <C-w>k
+nnoremap <C-h> <C-w>h
+nnoremap <C-l> <C-w>l
" configure syntastic syntax checking to check on open as well as save
let g:syntastic_check_on_open=1

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