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Remove double escaped spaces in vimrc

* Bash users experience errors when using the double-escaped spaces for the CtrlP-SilverSearcher integration.

Thanks to @adamyonk for raising this issue
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1 parent 108476c commit a2d8383b6a7d7c46596f84dc43b8fd90d4dd7d4c Adarsh Pandit committed Jun 24, 2013
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2 vimrc
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ set list listchars=tab:»·,trail:·
" Use The Silver Searcher
if executable('ag')
" Use Ag over Grep
- set grepprg=ag\\ --nogroup\\ --nocolor
+ set grepprg=ag\ --nogroup\ --nocolor
" Use ag in CtrlP for listing files. Lightning fast and respects .gitignore
let g:ctrlp_user_command = 'ag %s -l --nocolor -g ""'

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