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Add binstubs to PATH #109

croaky opened this Issue · 3 comments

3 participants

Dan Croak Joshua Clayton Joe Ferris
Dan Croak

Necessary for use with rbenv. thoughtbot/laptop@3aeb5b5

Proposed solution:

export PATH=./bin/stubs:$PATH
Joshua Clayton

Not sure if I'm just being paranoid but this could potentially open up some nasty issues. I've been using @tpope's suggestion outlined in a tweet from Feb 2012 (, corresponding code in my dotfiles) to add bin/stubs relative to a .git/safe directory. While this requires you to mkdir .git/safe in projects you work on, I prefer feeling better about my $PATH and spending the additional one or two seconds to authorize binstubs per project.

Joe Ferris

I think that kind of paranoia is completely valid in a server setup, but I've never felt the need to be so protective of my development machine. This is one of those cases where I'd prefer convenience over safety given the relatively low risk involved.

Dan Croak

I believe this is is superseded by #191

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