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Remove snippets #93

mike-burns opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Does anyone use vim snippets? The only time I ever encounter them is (when I'm pairing) when I accidentally activate a snippet and have to figure out how to delete the mess. Therefore, I'm pushing to remove them from our official dotfiles. But if someone uses them, let's keep it.


@mike-burns I always have the intention of using them - I mean, anything that saves time, right? That said, I've never spent the time to actually use them.


I use them.

Examples: users.each expands to users.each do |user|, desc expands to describe User, '', and I have a bunch that are basically abbreviations for annoying ERB constructs that can't be made shorter.

If most people aren't using them, I'm fine with removing them. Either way, I'd recommend trying them out.


Did we end-up removing these snippets? The only mention I see of them is the let g:snippetsEmu_key = "<S-Tab>" line in vimrc.


I think snippets were removed when we switched to Vundle, but I can't find the exact commit. We should probably remove that global from vimrc.


This looks to be resolved.

@gylaz gylaz closed this
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