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Latest commit 21830dd Oct 30, 2015 @geoffharcourt geoffharcourt Bring more shell syntax into shellcheck compliance
**Bring executables into better shellcheck compliance**

While evaluating linting and testing options for our shell
configuration, a run of Shellcheck against our executables turned up
some places where we could use more consistent syntax across our
executables, such as always using a shebang or quoting `$HOME` when we
build up a larger directory.

**Update syntax for zsh functions and completions**

A few changes found while linting zsh configs with shellcheck:

* thoughtbot's [style guide] [guide] calls for `$(..)` over backticks
  when capturing command output
* use `-gt` to test array length in arguments

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post-up Bring more shell syntax into shellcheck compliance Oct 30, 2015
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