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Update bundler before in Travis CI builds

Builds are broken because the `bundler` version that Travis CI
automatically uses at this time (`1.7.6`) is coming across an
error that was fixed in a later version/release.

Having an outdated version of `bundler` in the Travis CI builds is an
ongoing issue and this is currently the easiest work-around.


* bundler/bundler#3558
* travis-ci/travis-ci#3531

[fixes #846]
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RochesterinNYC authored and tute committed Dec 8, 2015
1 parent 241e8e5 commit 3c0547fa508d212f79050301d5622434e4731c48
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@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ rvm:
- rbx-2
- gem update --system
- gem update bundler
install: "bundle install"
script: "bundle exec rake spec:unit spec:acceptance features"

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