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Nested attributes double records #314

moneybird opened this Issue Mar 13, 2012 · 0 comments


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ghost commented Mar 13, 2012

I'm experiencing problems with assigning attributes for associated records, after creating the instance the records are added twice to the instance:

FactoryGirl.define do
    factory :invoice do
        company_name      "Test Contact B.V."
        details_attributes {[Factory.attributes_for(:invoice_detail), Factory.attributes_for(:invoice_detail)] }
invoice = Factory.build(:invoice, :details_attributes => [Factory.attributes_for(:invoice_detail)])
invoice.details.size # Returns 2

I've tried adding an alias as mentioned in #282, but both aliases don't seem to have any impact.

FactoryGirl.aliases << [/details_attributes/, 'details']
FactoryGirl.aliases << [/(.+)_attributes/, '\1']

It is common behavior for ActiveRecord to add new records to the association when using details_attributes={}. I've debugged FactoryGirl and found out that FactoryGirl::AttributeAssigner.attributes_to_set_on_instance returns the details_attributes attribute twice. So for the invoice factory, the array is:

[:company_name, :details_attributes, :details_attributes]

This causes FactoryGirl to assigned details_attributes twice to the newly created Invoice instance, causing the Detail instances to be added twice to the Invoice.

I'm not really familiar with the alias and ignore strategy implemented in FactoryGirl, but I think it should not be possible to assign an attribute twice to a model. Maybe the attributes_to_set_on_instance array should have unique elements?

I'd love to fix the problem and provide some specs, but I'm in doubt if I'm fully overseeing the problem. Looking forward for a response!

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