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2.2.0 (October 14, 2011)
Clean up RSpec suite to not use 'should'
Use create_list in step definitions
Syntax methods that deal with ORM interaction (attributes_for, build, build_stubbed,
and create) now accept a block that yields the result. This results in a
more convenient way to interact with the result than using Object.tap.
Standardize deprecation warnings
Update transient attribute syntax to use blocks instead of calling ignore on
each attribute declaration
Parents can be defined after children because factories are evaluated when
they're used; this means breaking up factories across multiple files will
behave as expected
Large internal refactoring, including changing access modifiers for a
handful of methods for a more clearly defined API
2.1.2 (September 23, 2011)
Bugfix: Vintage syntax fixed after bug introduced in 2.1.1
Introduce dependency on activesupport to remove code from Factory class
2.1.1 (September 23, 2011) (yanked)
Bugfix: Parent object callbacks are run before child object callbacks
Declarations: allow overriding/modification of individual traits in child factories
Callbacks refactored to not be attributes
Updating documentation for formatting and clarity (incl. new specificity for cucumber)
2.1.0 (September 02, 2011)
Bugfix: created_at now defined for stubbed models
Gemspec updated for use with Rails 3.1
Factories can now be modified post-definition (useful for overriding defaults from gems/plugins)
All factories can now be reloaded with Factory.reload
Add :method => build to factory associations to prevent saving of associated objects
Factories defined in {Rails.root}/factories are now loaded by default
Various documentation updates
1.1.4 (November 28, 2008) now uses Factory.create for associations of the built object
Factory definitions are now detected in subdirectories, such as
factories/person_factory.rb (thanks to Josh Nichols)
Factory definitions are now loaded after the environment in a Rails project
(fixes some issues with dependencies being loaded too early) (thanks to
Josh Nichols)
Factory names ending in 's' no longer cause problems (thanks to Alex Sharp
and Josh Owens)
1.1.3 (September 12, 2008)
Automatically pull in definitions from factories.rb, test/factories.rb, or
1.1.2 (July 30, 2008)
Improved error handling for invalid and undefined factories/attributes
Improved handling of strings vs symbols vs classes
Added a prettier syntax for handling associations
Updated documentation and fixed compatibility with Rails 2.1
1.1.1 (June 23, 2008)
The attribute "name" no longer requires using #add_attribute
1.1.0 (June 3, 2008)
Added support for dependent attributes
Fixed the attributes_for build strategy to not build associations
Added support for sequences
1.0.0 (May 31, 208)
First version
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