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Dependent attributes broken in 1.3.3 #297

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The change in version 1.3.3 seems to have broken dependent attributes. Take the following:

Factory.define :post do |p| {|factory| factory.association(:user, :last_name => 'Writely') }
  p.signature {lfactory| factory.association(:signature, :user =>, :visible => true}

The problem here is that is returning nil.

The bug was introduced here:

One solution (though not ideal) would be to have the ability to access

thoughtbot, inc. member

@benfyvie did you recently come across this issue? We haven't changed 1.3.3 in a very long time; 2.0 was released last summer and I'm about to release 2.6 today. Upgrading resolves this issue (we spent a significant amount of time fixing evaluation order so issues like this have been resolved) and the syntax can remain the same (although you'll get deprecation warnings until you upgrade to the new syntax).


I ran into this issue after upgrading to 1.3.3 due to issues with the callback inheritance order issue in 1.3.2

For some reason I had it in my head that factory_girl 2.x was not compatible with Rails 2.x, but now I see that I was thinking of rspec. I will attempt to upgrade our project to use factory_girl 2.x to work around these issues.

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