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@fcastellanos fcastellanos fixing typo f5cb251
@ashishbista ashishbista Fixed a typo a4a0804
@wakproductions wakproductions I'm using plain Sinatra. Was surprised that you have Padrino installation instructions, but none for Sinatra. Anyway, this fixes the path search issue. b5b155e
@mattconnolly mattconnolly Updated Installation (textile) fdd39d1
dougalmacpherson Hopefully this helps others who are using padrino 5f596a1
@gabebw gabebw Updated Installation (textile) 24aef6e
@gabebw gabebw Updated Installation (textile) 153c71c
@dougireton dougireton formatting changes Updated Installation (textile) 7d2ad28
@dougireton dougireton Added pointer to Factory-Girl-Rails for Rails 3 Updated Installation (textile) 202f435
@qertoip qertoip added missing test environment Updated Installation (textile) 09917fc
@chrisk chrisk Migrated from installation v4 63ff1d8
@ariera ariera Migrated from installation v3 e54c30b
@ook ook Migrated from installation v2 c73d198
@qrush qrush Migrated from installation v1 0ac2cb5
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