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@cnorm35 cnorm35 Updated wiki page with deprecation notice per issue: Update wiki page about cucumber #802 4fcfcbf
@benlinton benlinton Fix typo a4c3ae2
@benlinton benlinton Message concerning FactoryGirl.lint d15cf79
@fcastellanos fcastellanos fixing typo f5cb251
@ashishbista ashishbista Fixed a typo a4a0804
@benlinton benlinton Add comment for tests without rails d84f1bb
@benlinton benlinton Add optional guard support a86e921
@benlinton benlinton Join validation errors with newlines instead of commas bdafaab
@benlinton benlinton Tweak comments 01287f3
@benlinton benlinton Support RSpec 3.x b55d646
@benlinton benlinton Improve rspec output 546703b
@axilleas axilleas Redirect to getting started page 58ae190
@axilleas axilleas Remove dead links 85ede88
@FME-Jacob FME-Jacob Updated Testing all Factories (with RSpec) (markdown) f7ee5e4
@FME-Jacob FME-Jacob You should use create() instead of build(), as build(). If your database requires a field, but Rails doesn't, build() will be valid, whereas create() will bomb. 6a3c8f5
@danbernier danbernier Add `FactoryGirl.` before the calls to `build`. 29764e4
@brennovich brennovich Add new Factory Girl Cheat Sheet resource @bernardogfilho aa2d351
@graywh graywh Can't get error messages before validations have run a73501d
@clupprich clupprich Updated Testing all Factories (with RSpec) (markdown) 1aa5360
@clupprich clupprich Add hint for testing traits f3aa9af
@itsNikolay itsNikolay Updated Example factories.rb file (markdown) 85a776b
@itsNikolay itsNikolay Updated Example factories.rb file (markdown) 04d2f01
Gasparyan Arsen Updated Testing all Factories (with RSpec) (markdown) af9887e
Gasparyan Arsen a48f68a
@wakproductions wakproductions I'm using plain Sinatra. Was surprised that you have Padrino installation instructions, but none for Sinatra. Anyway, this fixes the path search issue. b5b155e
@andreychernih andreychernih Custom failure message should be string, not array. It also does not works because subject.errors.full_messages is evaluated before the valid? triggered. e002a9e
@preichelt preichelt be_valid? threw NoMethodError e53a5b0
@emarthinsen emarthinsen Made the expectation more idiomatic 3670243
@jaredbeck jaredbeck warn that the GETTING_STARTED file is more up-to-date than this wiki page 2b9c853
jsilvestri Updated Usage (markdown) 0546001
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