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Ashish Bista ashishbista Fixed a typo a4a0804
Ben Linton benlinton Add comment for tests without rails d84f1bb
Ben Linton benlinton Add optional guard support a86e921
Ben Linton benlinton Join validation errors with newlines instead of commas bdafaab
Ben Linton benlinton Tweak comments 01287f3
Ben Linton benlinton Support RSpec 3.x b55d646
Ben Linton benlinton Improve rspec output 546703b
Achilleas Pipinellis axilleas Redirect to getting started page 58ae190
Achilleas Pipinellis axilleas Remove dead links 85ede88
FME-Jacob FME-Jacob Updated Testing all Factories (with RSpec) (markdown) f7ee5e4
FME-Jacob FME-Jacob You should use create() instead of build(), as build(). If your database requires a field, but Rails doesn't, build() will be valid, whereas create() will bomb. 6a3c8f5
Dan Bernier danbernier Add `FactoryGirl.` before the calls to `build`. 29764e4
Brenno Costa brennovich Add new Factory Girl Cheat Sheet resource @bernardogfilho aa2d351
Will Gray graywh Can't get error messages before validations have run a73501d
Christoph Lupprich clupprich Updated Testing all Factories (with RSpec) (markdown) 1aa5360
Christoph Lupprich clupprich Add hint for testing traits f3aa9af
Ponomarev Nikolay itsNikolay Updated Example factories.rb file (markdown) 85a776b
Ponomarev Nikolay itsNikolay Updated Example factories.rb file (markdown) 04d2f01
Arsen Gasparyan frootloops Updated Testing all Factories (with RSpec) (markdown) af9887e
Arsen Gasparyan frootloops a48f68a
Winston Kotzan wakproductions I'm using plain Sinatra. Was surprised that you have Padrino installation instructions, but none for Sinatra. Anyway, this fixes the path search issue. b5b155e
Andrey Chernih andreychernih Custom failure message should be string, not array. It also does not works because subject.errors.full_messages is evaluated before the valid? triggered. e002a9e
Phillip Reichelt preichelt be_valid? threw NoMethodError e53a5b0
Eric Marthinsen emarthinsen Made the expectation more idiomatic 3670243
Jared Beck jaredbeck warn that the GETTING_STARTED file is more up-to-date than this wiki page 2b9c853
jsilvestri Updated Usage (markdown) 0546001
John Paul Ashenfelter johnpaulashenfelter Unless you have a Factory model (or maybe store everything in factories.rb?) you need a description for the describe, not a model name 4f5e0b4
Dave Gerton IamNaN Using new create(:name) syntax. 6fdf3b1
DVG Updated Usage (markdown) 74a7932
DVG Updated Usage (markdown) c7a731a
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