Install seems to fail: "No expansion found for :flutie" and no /styleguide #20

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I'm new to Rails so I probably made a mistake, but installation is pretty straightforward so I fail to see what I missed...

In Gemfile, I added

gem 'flutie', '1.1.4', :git => 'git://'

Then ran

bundle install

I see bundle installing flutie and "bundle show flutie" locates it.

When I use

rake flutie:install

All I get is the stylesheets being copied

cp -r /home/lampadmin/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p0/bundler/gems/flutie-67e5e468ce2d/lib/tasks/../../public/stylesheets /var/www/rails/macrographics/public/flutie

stylesheet_link_tag fails with:

No expansion found for :flutie

And I do not have /styleguides views or controllers installed.

I'm running Rails 3.0.3 installed with RVM and Ruby 1.9.2.


Running Rails 3.0.3, RVM and Ruby 1.9.2 as well. Have you tried restarting your server (I'm assuming you're in development)? I'm guessing that, since Flutie is an engine, you'll need to restart your server to get the new route and the new stylesheet expansion. Worked for me.


That was probably it.

I noticed Suspenders and decided to give it a go (looks awesome!). I restarted the server after recreating the project with Suspenders and it worked right away.

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