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Remove reference to old sass-mixins gem and no longer discourage pull requests in README.


I replaced the sass-mixins reference with a bourbon reference instead - d42e838

@mjankowski mjankowski closed this
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@@ -45,8 +45,6 @@ If you use Sass in your application, the flutie stylesheets are also available a
You'll want to import flutie before any of your own styles so that you can do things like extend your classes with flutie classes.
-We also have a [Sass-Mixins gem]( available, which extends flutie with a set of vanilla sass mixins.
### Custom Styles
To add custom styles to the styleguide add partials to the app/views/styleguides directory. For example:
@@ -71,8 +69,6 @@ Plugin authors can also add to the styleguide by ensuring that their view path i
Suggestions, Bugs, Refactoring?
-Fork away and create a "Github Issue": Please don't send pull requests.
Please see for details.
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