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A guide for programming in style.
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Update SCSS sample

- Change the `@import` to indicate that partial names should use hyphens
- Remove nesting where it was unnecessary, which gave the wrong
- Use more class selectors and less element selectors
- Use actual CSS properties and values so that it renders with better code
  highlighting on GitHub
- Remove reference to Neat’s `media` helper, because Neat is not always used and
  this should focus more on plain SCSS style
- Show use of zero values to indicate that they should not have a unit
- Show that `@extend` should come before `@include`
- Show the multiple selectors should go on their own line
- Use `background-color` to indicate that we prefer it over just `background`
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@tysongach tysongach authored


Guides for getting things done, programming well, and programming in style.

High level guidelines:

  • Be consistent.
  • Don't rewrite existing code to follow this guide.
  • Don't violate a guideline without a good reason.
  • A reason is good when you can convince a teammate.

A note on the language:

  • "Avoid" means don't do it unless you have good reason.
  • "Don't" means there's never a good reason.
  • "Prefer" indicates a better option and its alternative to watch out for.
  • "Use" is a positive instruction.


Please read the contribution guidelines before submitting a pull request.

In particular: if you have commit access, please don't merge changes without waiting a week for everybody to leave feedback.


Thank you, contributors!


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