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Improve git-based workflow

* Use simpler language.
* Be more explicit about production deploy.
* Remove staging/production branches on Github.
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@@ -3,19 +3,20 @@ Style Guide
A guide for programming in style.
+Git-based workflow
Start a [Trajectory]( story.
-Create a local feature branch off of master for development.
+Create a local feature branch based off master.
git checkout master
git pull
git checkout -b feature-xyz
-Do work in your feature branch and commit the changes.
+Do work in your branch. Make sure tests pass and commit the changes.
+ rake
git add -A
git status
git commit
@@ -27,14 +28,14 @@ Write a [good commit message](
* More information about commit (under 72 characters)
* More information about commit (under 72 characters)
-Make sure tests pass. Share your feature branch
+Share your branch:
git push origin [branch]
Submit a [Github pull request](
-Ask for a code review in Campfire. At least one person other than the author
-reviews the code before it is merged.
+Ask for a code review in Campfire. A team member other than the author should
+review the code before it is merged.
Rebase frequently to incorporate upstream changes.
@@ -50,6 +51,7 @@ Interactive rebase (squash) your commits (if necessary).
Make sure tests pass. Merge your branch back to master and push your changes.
+ rake
git checkout master
git diff --stat master [branch]
git merge [branch] --ff-only
@@ -66,15 +68,14 @@ Delete your local feature branch.
Merge master into the staging branch:
git checkout staging
- git reset --hard origin/staging
+ git reset --hard staging/master
git log staging..master (view list of new commits)
- git diff --stat staging master (view changed files)
+ git diff --stat origin/master (view changed files)
git merge master
- git push origin staging
Deploy to [Heroku](
- git push <app> staging:master
+ git push
Run migrations (if necessary):
@@ -89,13 +90,22 @@ Restart the dynos if migrations were run:
watch heroku ps --app <app>
Smoke test in browser. Write acceptance criteria on the Trajectory story.
+Deliver story.
-Deliver story in Trajectory.
+A team member other than the author should review the feature on staging based
+on acceptance criteria.
-Another team member reviews feature on staging based on acceptance criteria.
+Deploy to production:
-When a batch (including a batch of one) of features have been accepted on
-staging, deploy to production using the same git workflow as staging.
+ git checkout production
+ git reset --hard production/master
+ git log production..staging (view list of new commits)
+ git diff --stat staging/master (view changed files)
+ git merge staging
+ git push
+ heroku rake db:migrate --app <app>
+ heroku restart --app <app>
+ watch heroku ps --app <app>

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