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Add product management process with Trello

Eventually have similar documents for Trajectory, Pivotal Tracker.
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Guides for getting things done, programming well, and programming in style.
+* Product Management with [Trello](/product-management/trello)
+* [Protocol](/protocol)
+* [Code Review](/code-review)
+* [Best Practices](/best-practices)
+* [Style](/style)
High level guidelines:
* Be consistent.
* Don't rewrite existing code to follow this guide.
* Don't violate a guideline without a good reason.
-* [Protocol](protocol)
-* [Code Review](code-review)
-* [Best Practices](best-practices)
-* [Style](style)
A note on the language:
* "Avoid" means don't do it unless you have good reason.
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+Product management process with Trello
+The product management process with [Trello]( spans multiple
+Trello boards:
+* Bugs
+* Product Design
+* Engineering & Refactoring
+* Current
+Cards from Product Design, Bugs, Engineering boards are pulled into the Next Up
+list on the Current board as described in the "Weekly Product Meeting" section
+The Next Up list is the single prioritized list to which the product team
+refers in order to know what to work on next. It represents one week of work.
+Trello cards
+A card represents a single user story, bug fix, engineering task, or general
+Cards start out as a simple idea, 1-2 sentences long. As they are pulled through
+boards, detail is added, explaining why (from a business perspective)
+we're focusing on it, and maybe notes on suggested implementation (though
+designers and developers may take or leave it at their discretion; it's supposed
+to be helpful, not prescriptive).
+The cards on this board are bugs in the described state. There are multiple
+lists on this board:
+* Reported
+* Needs Clarification
+* Ready for Next Up
+If a bug is labeled Critical, then it is pulled immediately into Next Up. If the
+bug is not critical, it stays in Bugs until the next product meeting.
+A bug has steps to reproduce the bug and optionally a screencast.
+Product Design
+The cards on this board lists are the result of sketching user flows, usability
+tests, other user research, or the designer's feel for visual design
+improvements. There are multiple lists on this board:
+* Next Up
+* User Stories
+* User Experience
+* Ready for Next Up
+Engineering & Refactoring
+The cards on this board are refactorings and other engineering tasks necessary
+to fix bugs or improve the user experience. "Response time" is a primary user
+experience goal on every app. There are multiple lists on this board:
+* Reported
+* Needs Clarification
+* Ready for Next Up
+If an engineering task is labeled Critical, then it is pulled immediately to
+Next Up. If the task is not critical, it stays in Refactoring & Engineering
+until the next product meeting.
+Weekly Product Meeting (1-2 hours)
+On Friday (or Thursday if that's the end of the team's week) afternoon, the
+product manager, designer, and lead developer meet in person or via Google
+Hangout. They load the product on a screen, focus on recent changes to it, and
+use the working app and Trello boards to plan the upcoming week's iteration. The
+product manager runs the meeting like this:
+* Review the Product Design board. Pull what we estimate to be an appropriate
+ amount for this week into Next Up.
+* Re-sort the entire Next Up queue according to priority. Cards that were at the
+ top of the list last week may be moved to the bottom or back to the Product
+ Design, Bugs, or Engineering & Refactoring boards.
+* Review the Bugs board. Pull any important bugs into Next Up and prioritize
+ then at the top of the queue before everything else. We want to always be
+ fixing what's broken first.
+* Review the Engineering & Refactoring board. Pull cards into Next Up based on
+ what the designers and developers believe is appropriate given the previously
+ stated Product Product Design, and Bugs.
+Weekly Planning Meeting (30 minutes)
+On Monday morning, everyone meets in-person or via Google Hangout.
+The goal is to make sure everyone knows what's going on with the product and to
+celebrate the work of team members. The product manager runs this meeting like
+* Review the cards that went live last week, taking 30 seconds to describe each
+ card, and congratulate those who worked on them, showing their avatar.
+* Review the cards in Next Up. Clarify any questions about them.
+Building and Shipping
+The cards in the Next Up list are prioritized, vetted, and ready for design &
+development. A designer or developer "puts their face on it" by assigning it to
+themselves and pulling it into the In Progress list.
+Designers and developers may pull any card out of Next Up that they feel they
+can handle, but should consider the cards are prioritized by importance.
+The cards in the In Progress list are actively being designed or developed.
+Etiquette is that you should never have your face on more than two cards at a
+time. Work is done in a [feature branch](/protocol).
+When a designer or developer creates a pull request for their feature branch,
+they move the card to the Code Review list. Any reviewers "put their face on it"
+while reviewing.
+There is no central chokepoint for merging into master: everyone can do it.
+The cards in the Testing on Staging (or Testing on Ad Hoc build for iPhone apps)
+list are deployed to staging (or distributed via TestFlight for iPhone apps).
+The card creator and a designer review it for accuracy and user experience.
+There is no central chokepoint for deploying to staging: everyone can do it.
+The cards in the Ready for Production list include cards that have been accepted
+on staging and are ready to be deployed (but not necessarily rolled out).
+There is no central chokepoint for releasing to production: everyone can do it.
+The cards in the Live (Week [date]) lists have been released. Each week has its
+own Live list so we can follow what got released when.

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