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Code Review
-A guide for reviewing code with a light-hearted and respect attitude.
+A guide for respectfully reviewing code and cheerfully having your code reviewed.
Read more about the process of reviewing code, in context of writing a feature
or fixing a bug, in the [Protocol](/thoughtbot/guides/blob/master/protocol)
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ Everyone
* Talk in person if there are too many "I didn't understand" or "Alternative
solution:" comments. Post a follow-up comment summarizing offline discussion.
-Author of code for review
+Having your code reviewed
* Be grateful for the reviewer's suggestions. ("Good call. I'll make that
@@ -43,11 +43,10 @@ Author of code for review
able to read individual updates based on their earlier feedback.
* Seek to understand the reviewer's perspective.
-Code reviewer
+Reviewing code
-First, understand why the code is necessary (bug, user experience, engineering).
+Understand why the code is necessary (bug, user experience, engineering). Then:
* Communicate which ideas you feel strongly about and those you don't.
* Don't block code for academic reasons. Object-oriented design and other topics

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