Commits on Jun 9, 2017
  1. Reorganize Swift sample code

    This is kind of a weird change, but this file is fairly unruly and I'm
    not sure how best to structure it so that it's useful. I ended up
    removing a couple of things that I didn't think were needed and changed
    up the sections to be a bit more structured.
    gfontenot committed Feb 12, 2016
Commits on Jun 6, 2017
  1. Add exclusion to Rubocop's `BlockLength` rule

    Before, we were using Rubocop's default `Metrics/BlockLength` rule. This
    was causing Hound to warn about long blocks in our specs when we did not
    want it to. Updated the `Metrics/BlockLength` rule to exclude any spec
    purinkle committed Jun 6, 2017
Commits on Jun 2, 2017
  1. Simplify guides on over-qualified CSS selectors

    - Remove guide on qualifying vague class names with an HTML element,
      which creates overly specific selectors for no real gain beyond
      developer understanding (which can and should be solved in other
    - The higher specificity created when using element-qualified selectors
      means that a simply class selector cannot override it later in the
    - The problem these guidelines aims to solve can be fixed simply by not
      using a vague class name.
    These guidelines was introduced in
    tysongach committed May 26, 2017
  2. Add guide for concatenating selectors

    By using string concatenation, the real selectors no longer exist in the
    codebase's CSS/Sass, making them hard to search for. When someone does
    search for a selector which is concatenated during build time, their
    search might come up empty which gives the impression that it is unused
    code and it could be mistakingly removed.
    tysongach committed May 30, 2017
Commits on May 31, 2017
Commits on May 26, 2017
  1. Change OS X to macOS

    tysongach committed May 26, 2017
  2. Update copyright year to 2017

    tysongach committed May 26, 2017
Commits on May 22, 2017
Commits on May 19, 2017
  1. Annotate Ruby style guide with references

    This adds a reference for each Ruby style guideline to the pull request
    (when available) or the original commit which introduced that guideline.
    This allows a reader to quickly jump to the discussion that led to a
    particular guideline being introduced without having to trace through
    Git history.
    jferris committed Jan 27, 2017
Commits on May 11, 2017
  1. Revert "Enable ImportPath options"

    This reverts commit dff58c8.
    The value of `false` DOES mean that import paths should not have a
    leading underscore or its file extension.
    tysongach committed May 11, 2017
Commits on May 2, 2017
  1. Merge pull request #480 from thoughtbot/ba-rewording_code_review_guide

    Trying to reword potentially de-humanizing guideline
    sardaukar committed on GitHub May 2, 2017
  2. addressing input

    sardaukar committed May 2, 2017
Commits on Apr 13, 2017
Commits on Apr 10, 2017
  1. Update SpaceAfterComment linter

    Allow at least one space, instead of only one space.
    tysongach committed Apr 10, 2017
  2. Enable ImportPath options

    Throw warnings for leading underscores and file extensions in imports.
    tysongach committed Apr 10, 2017
Commits on Apr 7, 2017
Commits on Apr 3, 2017
  1. inlining the link

    sardaukar committed Apr 3, 2017
Commits on Mar 26, 2017
Commits on Mar 23, 2017
  1. Specify delete behaviour for foreign keys.

    When we delete database records that have associations, we should be
    explicit about what happens to the associated records.
    georgebrock committed Mar 14, 2017
Commits on Mar 10, 2017
  1. Update thoughtbot logo

    tysongach committed on GitHub Mar 10, 2017
Commits on Mar 8, 2017
  1. ✏️ Fix example links

    WaKeMaTTa committed with iwz Mar 8, 2017
Commits on Mar 3, 2017
  1. Encourage security alert tools in CI builds

    Create "Preventing Vulnerabilities and Regressions" section.
    croaky committed Mar 2, 2017
Commits on Feb 17, 2017
  1. Clarify that questions should be good questions

    State some of the elements from
    greggles committed with croaky Feb 17, 2017
Commits on Feb 10, 2017
  1. Remove broken Readability link

    The better option would be to replace the readability link
    with the correct one,
    but I don't know which one is that.
    budmc29 committed with croaky Feb 10, 2017
Commits on Feb 9, 2017
  1. Update old blog link

    tysongach committed Feb 7, 2017
Commits on Feb 8, 2017
  1. Add best practice for documenting CSS architecture

    - Each project is unique and our guides on front-end development
    purposefully do not prescribe a specific way to structure and
    organize CSS.
    - Documenting how the project's CSS is structured and organized allows
    for a shared understanding, making it easier to contribute to
    and review.
    tysongach committed Jan 23, 2017
Commits on Jan 28, 2017
  1. Remove HTML best practices

    These two guides were introduced in 2360fac.
    - "Don't use a reset button for forms." feels like too strong of a statement and
    casts a wide net.
    - It is unclear why these are best practices.
    - These guidelines are highly dependent on the situation.
    - They lack contextual information on when these best practices should
    be adhered to or broken.
    tysongach committed Jan 23, 2017
  2. Drop IE10 from browser support best practice

    Can I Use (with data from StatCounter) reports that global IE10 usage has
    dropped to 0.24%:
    tysongach committed Jan 23, 2017
  3. Clarify sass-rails asset helpers best practice

    These asset helpers are specific to sass-rails. Not every project is
    built on Ruby on Rails and sass-rails.
    tysongach committed Jan 23, 2017
  4. Move CSS overflow best practice

    This has nothing to do with Sass and everything to do with CSS.
    tysongach committed Jan 23, 2017