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  • Avoid the private keyword in specs.
  • Avoid checking boolean equality directly. Instead, write predicate methods and use appropriate matchers. Example.
  • Prefer eq to == in RSpec.
  • Separate setup, exercise, verification, and teardown phases with newlines.
  • Use RSpec's expect syntax.
  • Use RSpec's allow syntax for method stubs.
  • Use not_to instead of to_not in RSpec expectations.
  • Prefer the have_css matcher to the have_selector matcher in Capybara assertions.

Acceptance Tests


  • Avoid scenario titles that add no information, such as "successfully."
  • Avoid scenario titles that repeat the feature title.
  • Place helper methods for feature specs directly in a top-level Features module.
  • Use Capybara's feature/scenario DSL.
  • Use names like ROLE_ACTION_spec.rb, such as user_changes_password_spec.rb, for feature spec file names.
  • Use only one feature block per feature spec file.
  • Use scenario titles that describe the success and failure paths.
  • Use spec/features directory to store feature specs.
  • Use spec/support/features for support code related to feature specs.


  • Order factories.rb contents: sequences, traits, factory definitions.
  • Order factory attributes: implicit attributes, explicit attributes, child factory definitions. Each section's attributes are alphabetical.
  • Order factory definitions alphabetically by factory name.
  • Use one factories.rb file per project.

Unit Tests


  • Don't prefix it block descriptions with should. Use Imperative mood instead.
  • Use subject blocks to define objects for use in one-line specs. Example.
  • Put one-liner specs at the beginning of the outer describe blocks.
  • Use .method to describe class methods and #method to describe instance methods.
  • Use context to describe testing preconditions.
  • Use describe '#method_name' to group tests by method-under-test
  • Use a single, top-level describe ClassName block.
  • Order validation, association, and method tests in the same order that they appear in the class.
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