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Enable high_voltage config through an initializer, and provide a handful of settings #20

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loginx commented Sep 13, 2011

This commit introduces a couple of changes:

  • Changes the behaviour of HighVoltage::PagesController to use method_missing() instead of show(), and changes the route to use the second URL parameter as the :action parameter. This allows for the introduction of the :caches_page parameter in the controller, which allows us to cache views created by high_voltage.

  • Introduces module accessors and a setup method to the high_voltage module and using them in the PagesController. This allows us to change the content path to use (pages/ by default), the layout directive to use ("application" by default), and the caches_page arguments (empty list by default).

loginx commented Sep 13, 2011

I've made some further changes, so I'll open a new pull request with the additional commits shortly. Closing this one.

@loginx loginx closed this Sep 13, 2011
thoughtbot, inc. member

If you do, can you open one issue/pull-request for each specific thing you want to change?

loginx commented Sep 13, 2011

Sure. I already opened pull request #21 that had everything included, but I'll break down the commits later this week and open pull requests for each of them if you'd like.

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