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Template iOS project to be used with Cookiecutter
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iOS template

A template for new iOS projects at thoughtbot.

Inspired by suspenders, and django-template.

What's in the template?


  1. Install cookiecutter (brew install cookiecutter on macOS).
  2. Run cookiecutter gh:thoughtbot/ios-template

For future runs you can shorten the command to cookiecutter ios-template. However, if you want to use the most recent template you should still run the full command above.


ios-template is Copyright © 2016 thoughtbot. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.

About thoughtbot


ios-template is maintained and funded by thoughtbot, inc. The names and logos for thoughtbot are trademarks of thoughtbot, inc.

We love open source software! See our other projects. We are available for hire.

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