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Feature: Jammit
As a user
I want Kumade to auto-package with Jammit
So that I don't have to remember to package assets
Given a directory named "executable"
And I cd to "executable"
And I set up the Gemfile with kumade
And I add "jammit" to the Gemfile
And I bundle
When I set up a git repo
And I create a Heroku remote named "pretend-staging"
Scenario: Jammit packager runs if Jammit is installed
When I run kumade with "pretend-staging"
Then the output from "bundle exec kumade pretend-staging" should contain "==> ! Error: Jammit::MissingConfiguration"
Scenario: Run custom task before jammit
Given I write to "Rakefile" with:
namespace :kumade do
task :before_asset_compilation do
puts 'Hi!'
When I run kumade with "pretend-staging -p"
Then the output should contain "kumade:before_asset_compilation"
And the output should contain "==> Packaged with Kumade::JammitPackager"
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