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@@ -3,6 +3,10 @@ Kumade is a command-line program for deploying to Heroku. It aims to
provide most of what you want. Unlike other Heroku deploy gems, it is
+# Deprecated!
+Kumade is deprecated. Please use the Cedar stack on Heroku instead.
## Development
Development is happening very fast, and the internals are in constant flux. The
public API is constant (e.g. `kumade production` will work), but you may have to

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What does that mean? I'm using Kumade to deploy to Cedar. Can someone explain that a bit more?

thoughtbot, inc. member

The primary reason we wrote and used kumade was to take care of the asset pipeline. The Cedar stack does this for you, and is out of beta; therefore, we no longer use kumade.

@ryanwood if kumade was serving another need for you, we are open to having you take over the project.

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