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+# Testing
+Laptop is tested by using it to provision a fresh VM. The process is
+lengthy but scripted, and relies on Vagrant.
+Currently, only the linux script is tested, and only on the precise
+distribution. See the dedicated section for information about OSX
+## Prerequisites
+1. [VirtualBox][]
+2. [Vagrant][]
+## Running the tests
+1. From the repository root, execute `./test/`
+## Details
+For each file found at `./test/Vagrantfile.*`:
+1. Vagrant creates and starts a VM as described by the Vagrantfile
+2. The appropriate laptop script is run inside the VM
+3. Some assertions are made against the VMs state
+4. Vagrant stops and destroys the VM
+The following are the assertions:
+1. The VM was brought up successfully
+2. The laptop script(s) ran successfully
+3. The VM reports the correct `$SHELL`
+4. The VM reports the correct ruby
+## OSX Testing
+Adding additional linux tests via this framework should be easy: simply
+add a new Vagrantfile under the test directory which uses a base box
+with the desired distribution.
+OSX will need to be handled specially:
+1. The [VMware][] provider will have to be used
+2. Building an OSX base box may or may not be easy
+3. The resulting test can only be run on an OSX host

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