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Manage Heroku CLI with Homebrew

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1 parent e7cbac3 commit 2b6ed8088142f86d2984b842ddbc112b66607bfa @michaelrkn michaelrkn committed with croaky Feb 12, 2013
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@@ -69,11 +69,11 @@ echo "Installing RVM (Ruby Version Manager) and Ruby 1.9.3-p327, which becomes t
echo "Installing critical Ruby gems for Rails development ..."
successfully gem install bundler rails pg foreman thin --no-rdoc --no-ri
-echo "Installing standalone Heroku CLI client. You'll need administrative rights on your machine ..."
- successfully curl -s | sh
+echo "Installing standalone Heroku CLI client."
+ successfully brew install heroku-toolbelt
echo "Installing the heroku-config plugin for pulling config variables locally to be used as ENV variables ..."
- successfully /usr/local/heroku/bin/heroku plugins:install git://
+ successfully heroku plugins:install git://
echo "Your shell will now restart in order for changes to apply."
exec $SHELL -l

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