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Use rbenv to change Ruby versions

* Use Homebrew consistently for OS programs.
* Use ruby-build to install Rubies.
* Include auto-switching of Ruby in `~/.zlogin`.
* Upgrade Rubygems after Ruby is installed. This is to help avoid common
  Bundler/Psych issues:
* Use newest Bundler version in order to work with latest Rubygems.
* Use rbenv-gem-rehash so the shell automatically picks up binaries
  after installing gems with binaries.
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1 parent f2c7f5c commit 3aeb5b59cc5fe4e56a75781cad964cf3f0c6368d @croaky croaky committed Dec 10, 2012
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@@ -29,8 +29,8 @@ echo "Installing GNU Compiler Collection and dependencies ..."
successfully brew tap homebrew/dupes
successfully brew install autoconf automake apple-gcc42
-echo "Installing libksba, recommended for Ruby 1.9.3 ..."
- successfully brew install libksba
+echo "Installing system libraries recommended for Ruby ..."
+ successfully brew install gdbm libffi libksba libyaml
echo "Installing Postgres, a good open source relational database ..."
successfully brew install postgres --no-python
@@ -60,15 +60,28 @@ echo "Installing QT, used by Capybara Webkit for headless Javascript integration
echo "Installing watch, used to execute a program periodically and show the output ..."
successfully brew install watch
-echo "Installing RVM (Ruby Version Manager) and Ruby 1.9.3-p327, which becomes the default ..."
- successfully curl -L | bash -s stable --ruby
- successfully echo "
-# RVM
-[[ -s '/Users/`whoami`/.rvm/scripts/rvm' ]] && source '/Users/`whoami`/.rvm/scripts/rvm'" >> ~/.zshenv
- successfully source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm
+echo "Installing rbenv for changing Ruby versions ..."
+ successfully brew install rbenv
+ successfully echo 'eval "$(rbenv init -)"' >> ~/.zlogin
+ successfully source ~/.zlogin
+echo "Installing rbenv-gem-rehash so the shell automatically picks up binaries after installing gems with binaries..."
+ successfully brew install rbenv-gem-rehash
+echo "Installing ruby-build for installing Rubies ..."
+ successfully brew install ruby-build
+echo "Installing Ruby 1.9.3-p392 ..."
+ successfully rbenv install 1.9.3-p392
+echo "Setting Ruby 1.9.3-p392 as global default Ruby ..."
+ successfully rbenv global 1.9.3-p392
+echo "Update to latest Rubygems version ..."
+ successfully gem update --system
echo "Installing critical Ruby gems for Rails development ..."
- successfully gem install bundler rails pg foreman thin --no-rdoc --no-ri
+ successfully gem install bundler foreman pg rails thin --no-rdoc --no-ri
echo "Installing standalone Heroku CLI client."
successfully brew install heroku-toolbelt

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