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change thoughtbot/rcm to thoughtbot/formulae

Started reading the thoughtbot playbook last week, which led me to laptop. Calling mac from Terminal went fine untill the last installation which yielded "ERROR: no available formula for rcm". Googling the error message brought me to Matthew Sumner's commit # 2915cf1f696777a7438d0bbf92f688f32e1e8264 in the dotfile repo. Applying the same modif to the laptop mac shell script got rid of the error message. If you accept my pull-in request, that'd be my first ofishal contribution to the open source world.
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1 parent 5d749c0 commit 8379861ff2f6512316ba29e795bc0fb578f17531 @arnaudbouffard arnaudbouffard committed Feb 9, 2014
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@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
fancy_echo "Installing rcm, to manage your dotfiles ..."
- brew tap thoughtbot/rcm
+ brew tap thoughtbot/formulae
brew install rcm

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