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Remove deprectated Heroku gem, add CLI client

The Heroku gem has been deprecated, and Heroku recommends installing the client CLI from It's a binary, but you can install the "standalone" version ( via wget.
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commit c5254cd3635551032871ed2fbc7a83049749137f 1 parent 76c9e83
Kevin Suttle authored

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  1. +4 1 mac
5 mac
@@ -57,7 +57,10 @@ echo "Installing RVM (Ruby Version Manager) and Ruby 1.9.3, which becomes the de
57 57 successfully source ~/.zshenv
58 58
59 59 echo "Installing critical Ruby gems for Rails development ..."
60   - successfully gem install bundler rails heroku pg foreman thin --no-rdoc --no-ri
  60 + successfully gem install bundler rails pg foreman thin --no-rdoc --no-ri
  61 +
  62 +echo "Installing standalone Heroku CLI client. You'll need administrative rights on your machine ..."
  63 + successfully wget -qO- | sh
61 64
62 65 echo "Installing the heroku-config plugin for pulling config variables locally to be used as ENV variables ..."
63 66 successfully heroku plugins:install git://

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