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Restart shell after mac script finishes

* Assure installed items and env vars apply.
* Fixes #63.
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1 parent 4739e7b commit e7cbac38e3b911ee68765e80d229a33a26533b32 Kevin Suttle committed with croaky Jan 18, 2013
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@@ -74,3 +74,6 @@ echo "Installing standalone Heroku CLI client. You'll need administrative rights
echo "Installing the heroku-config plugin for pulling config variables locally to be used as ENV variables ..."
successfully /usr/local/heroku/bin/heroku plugins:install git://
+echo "Your shell will now restart in order for changes to apply."
+ exec $SHELL -l

3 comments on commit e7cbac3


When I'm trying to run the script in a new MBPR its stop in "Your shell will now restart in order for changes to apply." and never come back... do I must to restart the shell manually or i got to wait its done automatically? thk in advance...

thoughtbot, inc. member

@openscreen You'll have to restart the shell manually if it hangs.


things just happened beacouse i didn't read instructions as well.... this clearly state: change bash to zsh... everything works now.... Now would be interesting to know how to restart it manually as u recommended....


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