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I recently ran Laptop on a few new Ubuntu boxes.
While everything installs nicely, Rake requires the JS Runtime which is not part of the Laptop script.

The solution I found for was to install Node JS, after that everything works fine.

Node isn't really needed, though installing it only took half a second (no inconvenience there). I'm not sure how often Thoughtbot uses Node, so having it within Laptop might be beneficial while solving this Rake issue (2 birds one stone?). On the other hand Laptop can also be modified to install just the JS Runtime skipping Node. I am assuming the latter.



pbrisbin commented Feb 12, 2014

Rake requires the JS Runtime

I'm not sure that's correct. According to its README, rake has no such requirements.

Here's what I've found: http://stackoverflow.com/a/9057552

The issue isn't a problem with Rake, but the failure occurs on the first use of Rake.
Suggestion on Stackoverflow says "Ruby itself doesn't require a JS runtime, but a default new Rails application does." - I suppose for coffee script, etc.

Some folk are installing The Ruby Racer, others are installing Node.


pbrisbin commented Feb 12, 2014

Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks!


croaky commented Feb 12, 2014

I could see us installing Node. At some point in time, it seems like I always need npm on my machine, too.


djcp commented Feb 14, 2014

I think node as a dependency makes sense, it's easier than putting gem 'therubyracer' into every gemfile, or manually installing node on linux boxes.


croaky commented Feb 20, 2014

More info on Could not find a JavaScript runtime across Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.


croaky commented Mar 17, 2014

Node was added to the Linux laptop script in 2960dbe

@croaky croaky closed this Mar 17, 2014

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