Use rbenv instead of rvm? #24

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croaky commented Mar 29, 2012

Seems like it's better, more modern, supported by 37signals:


mjankowski commented Mar 29, 2012

Have we used it?


mike-burns commented Mar 29, 2012

Does it work? Does anyone at thoughtbot use it? Are we willing to support it?


jyurek commented Mar 29, 2012

I used it when it came out, and it gave me some flak. While the whole "shim" thing might be cleaner from some perpectives, it's less so from others. I went back to rvm and haven't had a problem since.


joshuaclayton commented Mar 29, 2012

I used it when playing with vagrant ( - it worked alright, but I still really like RVM and haven't had too many complaints. RVM feels like it's gotten a lot more solid in the past six months or so too.


jferris commented Apr 3, 2012

I agree with keeping rvm unless there's a good reason to move to rbenv.

croaky closed this Apr 3, 2012


joshuaclayton commented Apr 3, 2012

I actually got bit by RVM yesterday (in regards to Pow) - you can't upgrade past 1.10.x right now because the 1.11 breaks it (RVM ends up not loading the correct ruby from the .rvmrc). Still wouldn't necessarily switch, unless RVM doesn't fix its interaction with Pow anytime soon.

Rbenv is a minimalistic one-thing-do tool, no magic, Unix-style only


joshuaclayton commented Jul 4, 2012

Since responding, I've switched to rbenv with great success. I like how "out of the way" it stays. I think @adarshpandit and @gabebw use it too, actually.


adarsh commented Jul 4, 2012

I used it to get an old Leopard machine working with no real issues.

On my new machine, I've fallen back into RVM since Laptop installed it for me :)

Maybe offer an install argument "--rbenv" at runtime for this script.


jyurek commented Jul 4, 2012

I'd rather just pick something and go with it. If that's rbenv then that's rbenv. That said, last two times I tried to use it it looked like it worked and then failed in subtle but very important ways, causing me to go back to rvm, which actually worked without any hassle.


croaky commented Jul 5, 2012

Closed. Agree with @jyurek on both accounts: picking one and going with it, hearing too many flaky stories with rbenv and rvm has Just Worked.

@croaky Rails 1.2 just worked as well, but many of us go ahead and looking for a best options. TestUnit just works, but Rspec is better, Attachment_fu was excellent, but Paperclip is awesome thing ever made! Passenger was pretty stable and good, but Unicorn is handy Unix-way. Stay hungry, stay foolish as Jobs said.
I see nothing bad when things change, some tools are going to be replaced with other ones.

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