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Once the plugin has been installed, in your views you can now do:
-<div class="person" <%= mile 6 %>>
- <div class="name">Your Name<div>
+ <div class="person" <%= mile 6 %>>
+ <div class="name">Your Name<div>
+ </div>
When viewed in development mode, the person div would be overlaid with a grey box with the words "Milestone 6" in it.
If you happen to not call your milestones, "milestones", or for any other reason want the label to be something different, just supply a string instead:
-<div class="person" <%= mile "Next Week" %>>
- <div class="name">Your Name<div>
+ <div class="person" <%= mile "Next Week" %>>
+ <div class="name">Your Name<div>
+ </div>
And that will still result in the marker being labeled with "Next Week" instead.
By default, the milestone markers will be only appear in the Rails development environment. To customize this, add the following to the config file of the other environments you want the markers to appear:
+ Thoughtbot::MileMarker.enable
If you prefer not to have it on in development, add the following to development.rb
+ Thoughtbot::MileMarker.disable
Or, if you prefer, add something like the following to environment.rb:
-Thoughtbot::MileMarker.environments = %w(development staging production)
+ Thoughtbot::MileMarker.environments = %w(development staging production)
You can also change some of the styling options (as of right now, just the z-index and background color) by modifying the options hash:
- :z_index => 100,
- :background_color => "purple"
+ Thoughtbot::MileMarker.options.update(
+ :z_index => 100,
+ :background_color => "purple"
+ )
== Requirements

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