A lightweight and flexible Sass grid
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I didn't realize this PR had already been opened by another Daniel.
I changed a few little things, so I will merge this one instead with
a co-author.

Along the same lines as bourbon 8257c683f8, using `Sass.load_paths`
won't work if we happen to be using sassc-rails instead of sass-rails.
I ran into this when I was testing out

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A lightweight and flexible Sass grid

Neat is a fluid grid framework with the aim of being easy enough to use out of the box and flexible enough to customize down the road.

Helpful Links

Table of Contents



  1. Install the Neat gem using the RubyGems package manager:

    gem install neat

    Alternatively, you can install Neat with Bower.

  2. Install or update Neat’s dependencies:

    gem install sass # or gem update sass

    Pro Tip: You can target installation into a specific directory using the path flag:

    neat install --path my/custom/path/
  3. Install the Neat library into the current directory:

    neat install
  4. Import Neat in your stylesheet:

    @import "neat/neat";

    It’s not recommended to add or modify the Neat files so that you can update them easily.

Installation for Ruby on Rails 4.2+

  1. Add Neat to your Gemfile:

    gem "neat"
  2. Then run:

    bundle install

    If you see the error Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "sass", run:

    bundle update sass
  3. Import Neat in your application.scss:

    @import "neat";

    It should be noted that @import rules are not compatible with Sprockets directives. You need to use one or the other.

Installing with npm and using a Node-based asset pipeline

  1. Add Neat as a dependency:

    npm install --save bourbon-neat
  2. If you’re using eyeglass, skip to Step 3. Otherwise, you’ll need to add Neat to your node-sass includePaths option. require("bourbon-neat").includePaths is an array of directories that you should pass to node-sass. How you do this depends on how node-sass is integrated into your project.

  3. Import Neat into your Sass files:

    @import "neat";

    Pro Tip: Check out this example gulp project that uses Bourbon and Neat.

Installing older versions of Neat

  1. Uninstall any Neat gem versions you already have:

    gem uninstall neat
  2. Reinstall the Neat gem, using the -v flag to specify the version you need:

    gem install neat -v 1.8.1
  3. Follow the instructions above to install Neat into your project.

Command Line Interface

neat [options]


Option Description
-h, --help Show help
-v, --version Show the version number
--path Specify a custom path
--force Force install (overwrite)


Command Description
neat install Install Neat into the current directory
neat update Overwrite and update Neat in the current directory
neat remove Removes Neat from the current directory
neat help Show help
neat version Show the version number

The Bourbon family

  • Bourbon: A lightweight Sass tool set
  • Bitters: Scaffold styles, variables and structure for Bourbon projects


See the contributing document. Thank you, contributors!


Neat is copyright © 2012 thoughtbot, inc. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the license.


Neat is maintained by the thoughtbot design team. It is funded by thoughtbot, inc. and the names and logos for thoughtbot are trademarks of thoughtbot, inc.

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