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1 parent a67c6c2 commit 9a2159c4b89307d3fe1e3dfac643fec7b94a94c9 Christian Treppo committed Jan 7, 2013
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@@ -14,9 +14,9 @@ desc "Watch the site and regenerate when it changes"
task :watch do
puts "Starting to watch source with Jekyll and Sass..."
- system "sass --update _sass:css/ -f -l -r ./_sass/bourbon/lib/bourbon.rb"
+ system "sass --update _sass:css -f -l -r ./_sass/bourbon/lib/bourbon.rb"
jekyllPid = Process.spawn("jekyll --auto --server --pygments")
- sassPid = Process.spawn("sass --watch _sass:css/ -l -r ./_sass/bourbon/lib/bourbon.rb")
+ sassPid = Process.spawn("sass --watch _sass:css -l -r ./_sass/bourbon/lib/bourbon.rb")
system "open -a 'Google\ Chrome' 'http://localhost:4000'"
trap("INT") {

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