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Large refactor of file code.

All the c++ code is now reduced to simple wrappers. The node.fs.File object
is defined entirely in javascript now. As is the actionQueue methods.

This makes the boundaries much cleaner. There is still some thought that
needs to go into how exactly the API should behave but this simplification
is a first step.
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1 parent f3af6c6 commit d1b0ce6d37accf5e0007df8f975d487f173b72fa @ry ry committed May 26, 2009
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  1. +294 −379 src/
  2. +1 −43 src/file.h
  3. +123 −92 src/file.js
  4. +2 −0 src/node.h
  5. +1 −1 src/node.js
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