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Pull request in progress: Postgis compliance #33

Dagnan opened this Issue September 26, 2012 · 1 comment

2 participants

Michel Pigassou Matt Jankowski
Michel Pigassou

I'm trying to make pacecar play well with Postgis.

In fact I guess I just have to replace

when 'SQLite', 'PostgreSQL'


when 'SQLite', 'PostgreSQL', 'PostGIS'

I want to do it nicely so I'm trying to launch the tests but I cannot.
Appraisal is installed and all the gems for all test enviroments are also installed.
I had to create the db manually with mysql. But when I run rake appraisal I still have errors about not existing tables.

Did I miss a step?

Matt Jankowski mjankowski closed this October 28, 2013
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