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56bb131 @sikachu Trying to add project to Travis CI
sikachu authored
1 rvm:
2 - 1.8.7
3 - 1.9.2
ab7db5a @sikachu Stop testing with JRuby, but start testing with REE
sikachu authored
4 - ree
1e7d0d4 @sikachu Update Travis configuration to use new alias
sikachu authored
5 - rbx-18mode
43c14de @sikachu Upgrade Rails versions to test against
sikachu authored
3131601 @sikachu Add basic integration test using Cucumber
sikachu authored
7 before_script: "sudo ntpdate -ub; true"
8 script: "bundle exec rake clean test cucumber"
8d95066 @nickrivadeneira set gemfiles and test script for travis
nickrivadeneira authored
10 gemfile:
6c501ef @nickrivadeneira use the correct gemfiles
nickrivadeneira authored
11 - gemfiles/rails2.gemfile
12 - gemfiles/rails3.gemfile
13 - gemfiles/rails3_1.gemfile
77c5268 @sikachu Update Rails dependency, add Rails 3.2.x
sikachu authored
14 - gemfiles/rails3_2.gemfile
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