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Expanded URI Obfuscation documentation.

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@@ -234,10 +234,22 @@ URI Obfuscation
Paperclip has an interpolation called `:hash` for obfuscating filenames of
-publicly-available files. For more on this feature read the author's own
+publicly-available files.
+Example Usage:
+ has_attached_file :avatar, {
+ :url => "/system/:hash.:extension",
+ :hash_secret => "longSecretString"
+ }
+The `:hash` interpolation will be replaced with a unique hash made up of whatever
+is specified in `:hash_data`. The default value for `:hash_data` is `":class/:attachment/:id/:style/:updated_at"`.
+`:hash_secret` is required, an exception will be raised if `:hash` is used without `:hash_secret` present.
+For more on this feature read the author's own explanation. [](
MD5 Checksum / Fingerprint
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