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documentation for including aws-sdk in Gemfile

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_**NOTE**: This is a change from previous versions of Paperclip, but is overall a
safer choice for the default file store._
-You may also choose to store your files using Amazon's S3 service. You can find
-more information about S3 storage at the description for
+You may also choose to store your files using Amazon's S3 service. To do so, include
+the `aws-sdk` gem in your Gemfile:
+ gem 'aws-sdk'
+And then you can specify using S3 from `has_attached_file`.
+You can find more information about configuring and using S3 storage in
+[the `Paperclip::Storage::S3` documentation](
Files on the local filesystem (and in the Rails app's public directory) will be
available to the internet at large. If you require access control, it's
@@ -2,6 +2,9 @@ module Paperclip
module Storage
# Amazon's S3 file hosting service is a scalable, easy place to store files for
# distribution. You can find out more about it at
+ #
+ # To use Paperclip with S3, include the +aws-sdk+ gem in your Gemfile:
+ # gem 'aws-sdk'
# There are a few S3-specific options for has_attached_file:
# * +s3_credentials+: Takes a path, a File, or a Hash. The path (or File) must point
# to a YAML file containing the +access_key_id+ and +secret_access_key+ that Amazon

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