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Fix typo in README

:class interpolates to the plural
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1 parent 37999b6 commit 39717c69528219b7177812177c9b270351888a94 @asanghi asanghi committed with mike-burns Jul 7, 2012
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@@ -283,7 +283,7 @@ This location was chosen because on standard Capistrano deployments, the
will survive between deployments. For example, using that `:path`, you may have a
file at
- /data/myapp/releases/20081229172410/public/system/user/avatar/000/000/013/small/my_pic.png
+ /data/myapp/releases/20081229172410/public/system/users/avatar/000/000/013/small/my_pic.png
_**NOTE**: This is a change from previous versions of Paperclip, but is overall a
safer choice for the default file store._

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