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Add thumbnail_convert_options documentation to has_attached_file doc.

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bjhess committed Aug 7, 2008
1 parent 6deeaf7 commit 8b41b3fca725d58ef75ba4257f0f072b58906f39
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@@ -106,6 +106,11 @@ module ClassMethods
# * +whiny_thumbnails+: Will raise an error if Paperclip cannot process thumbnails of an
# uploaded image. This will ovrride the global setting for this attachment.
# Defaults to true.
+ # * +thumbnail_convert_options+: When creating thumbnails, use this free-form options
+ # field to pass in various convert command options. Typical options are "-strip" to
+ # remove all Exif data from the image (save space for thumbnails and avatars) or
+ # "-depth 8" to specify the bit depth of the resulting conversion. See ImageMagick
+ # convert documentation for more options: (
# * +storage+: Chooses the storage backend where the files will be stored. The current
# choices are :filesystem and :s3. The default is :filesystem. Make sure you read the
# documentation for Paperclip::Storage::Filesystem and Paperclip::Storage::S3

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